Monitoring implementation of the successive phases Estudio-Medicionesthrough which flows a constructive project:

Study, preliminary design, drafting and project  with enough time to influence the drafting of projects according to their objectives.
– Personalized information.
– Possibility of information’s geolocation.

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How we work?

First, our technicians will meet with clients, to take the measures of the property subject of the work and to obtain the program needs of owners.

With all these data, we create an initial design (or more), and then we’ll show to the customer to get his opinion.

With these new opinions and technical support of our technicians, will be happening as many designs as needed to find the one that matches all customer expectations.

At that time, we will proceed to realize the basic project and it’s execution, whether it is a new or expansion work, or directly the construction budget is drawn up if it is a reform.


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