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The functions that includes the Project Management may be more or less extensive, changing in every project, and can range from what also comes to be called Construction Management and goes from the implementation phase of a work, to functions they can be initiated even before the conception of the project itself.

In the initial phase of the project the Project Manager may have advisory functions in very preliminary aspects: market research, search for terrain, product definition, procurement of technical equipment, licenses, cost estimation, financial planning, construction planning, tendering and contracting, insurance …

In short, the Project Manager, is a specialist hired by the developer to perform their functions, always under supervision.

The Project Manager performs all the steps that the sponsor must to perform during the entire process involved in a property development.

The Project Manager serves as the promoter, either because this one isn’t an expert in real estate matters, because it can not devote enough time or simply because they do not want to do it.

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