In Works and reforms Alicante we handle measuring their home, handing architect-254579_640the certificate signed by our technicians, as the guarantee need for any procedure.

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We are experts in performing procedures to obtain the certificate of surface with the best professional technicians that offer the best guarantee and security as well as responsibility and seriousness in our documents as well as care and personal attention to all our customers.

What is a certificate of surface?

Surface certificate is a document that identifies m2 of each room of the building or the uses to which they do.

This certificate certifies that the surface is useful, and is asked to verify the exact dimensions of the property for sale or rent effectuation of the same or change registration data.

The certification guarantees the situation, shape and dimensions of real property, providing adequate legal protection to Unitholders and third parties.

How is this certificate obtained?

To obtain the certificate of surfaces, a series of actions as required; the application of the ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings) by a particular if in an isolated community or a neighboring property, the evaluation of these properties as safety, accessibility, health, the collection of administrative data of the property and arrange a visit date to the item to be inspected, which may involve one or more visits.

In addition, you must determine the works and conservation work needed to keep the property in the legal status and the time prescribed for that purpose, including the development of a comprehensive report where valued items such as the state of conservation and improvements detailed necessary.

Finally, you must deliver the documentation that previous data collected accredited by the Technical Building Inspection..

When the certificate of surfaces is needed?

Usually it required by notaries and registrars of property as well as the Land Registry, a dependent administrative record of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration in the rural real estate, urban and special features are described, including physical characteristics, legal and economic, of which we can find the cadastral reference, use, graphical representation, cadastral titleholder, area location and assessed value.

In addition we request the registry and municipal administrations to apply surface changes, use and location.

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