What is the Technical Building Inspection?informe-evaluacion-de-edificios_grande

It is a technical control that buildings must be pass, this type of maintenance, is periodically subjected to buildings, conducting a review of the elements affecting the safety of the building and the people who inhabit it.

These inspections are regulated by different laws and by Royal Decree 8/2011 of July 1

Who does the Technical Building Inspection?

In Works and reforms Alicante we have architects, technical architects, builders and building engineers to carry out the inspection and report the general characteristics of the building, its classification, any identified deficiencies and the fix period is detailed.

What revise our professionals?

Our technical professionals perform:

  • Checking the status of terraces and decks, checking if it meets the minimum conditions of safety, sanitation and electricity.
  • The state of the facade, cornices, balconies, cladding, or any outdoor ornamental that can endanger users.
  • The stability of the building, if safe, inspecting the foundation and structure.

Who is required to pass the Technical Building Inspection?

Buildings older than 50 years, intended for residential use, and buildings in a municipality of more than 25,000 meters. They must also meet the following requirements:

  • Evaluate the adequacy of the property legally required security conditions, accessibility, health and ornaments.
  • Determine what works and conservation are required to maintain the property in the legal status and the appointed time.

What consequence does not perform the Technical Building Inspection?

If the deadline to submit the technical inspection has passed, the competent authority will order the realization of this, granting a new deadline again, and in a new case of delay, some penalities will be imposed, execution subsidiary.

Those penalties are ranging between 1,000 and 6,000 euros and the corresponding warrant.

Detailed opinions:


If the building is in good condition, the owners are not required to perform any work, but show the favorable act in the town hall and a map of the situation, which graphically define the boundaries of the land, buildings and constructions inspected.

Examined these documents, the file will be archived until further inspection, to be held after 10 years as a general standard.


If the inspection is unfavorable, the technician will reflect in the report the description and location of the damage, structure, foundations, facades, roofs, plumbing and sanitation networks, describing their possible causes, description of the security measures that are they have taken for the safety of the occupants, neighbors and peasants, description of works deemed necessary to remedy deficiencies, degree of implementation, and determination in the system of mechanical accessibility without its corresponding technical inspection of the building.

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