In Works and reforms Alicante we can ask for the second occupation certificates for you, useful to enlist services such as electricity, water, gas, etc.

We offer our service for the certified pre-occupation; apartments, houses, detached houses of two or more plants, houses of two or more plants and duplex.

What is the second occupation license?

This license, check the adequacy of existing buildings to rule on the application, depending on use and building characteristics.

This license of occupation, appears in Law 3/2004 of 20 June, of

Planning and Building Quality (LOFCE)

How do I get it?

For this second occupation license, owners must apply to the town hall, providing the certificate of the authorized technician or architect where it meets the conditions which accounted for issuance of the first license or previous occupation that request.

Besides this, in general, the council may request proof or municipal proof of payment of the fee for issuing security license second occupation, copy of the latest proof of payment of the electricity supply in the last six months, copies from the date Register Certificate, evidencing the ownership of the property, issued by the Land Registry.

What steps should I take to get it?

  • Get the technical certificate of occupancy, which is justified by planes that meets the standards of habitability and design are applicable.
  • Gather documentation such as writing or lease housing, copy cell livability, last receipt of IBI and the last receipt of payment receipt of water and electricity.
  • It shall provide this documentation to the town hall and fill a room that delivered him there where the applicant will write data as Hiring.
  • Contract the services of electricity, water, electricity etc to apply for registration.

And then?

After completing the license application for second occupation, we must submit all documentation and request that we seal them, and with which we will have passed within about a month, to collect our second occupation license.

When it is necessary to renew the license of second occupation?

Ten years have elapsed since obtaining the first license, when the second or subsequent transfers of ownership occurs or when necessary to formalize a new contract to supply electricity, water or gas.

If you have any questions, or want us to perform the procedures with total guarantee and security, please contact us.

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